Airbrushed Plank Surfboard

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The customized Plank longboard, hand shaped by John Oppito at Rozbern Surf, Asbury Park, New Jersey. 

Tiki Longboard custom airbrush artwork, inspired by SoCal longboarding legend Mike Doyle, done personally by our Creative Director, Mike Rubin. Having honed his skills airbrushing in high school in Huntington Beach, CA in the mid-70's, going on to professionally paint for seminal SoCal surf brand, Infinity, Mike returns to the bay in Asbury Park, NJ to create 3 custom brushed boards shaped by our good friend John at his factory, The Heavens. 

A classic longboard to keep you in the water during East Coast summers. Despite its name, the Plank is foiled, refined, and can turn quickly, thanks to a flat entry rocker and plenty of tail kick.